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About EMT International Realty

An independent real estate management firm that is considered as a leader in the field. One of the reputable firms that provide high-quality service at affordable prices. Our track record in the industry speaks for itself. We have the combination of experience and sound judgment that never fails in any of the deals we undertake. Reputed for unfailing commitment and delivery of projects on time to our clients, our staff is always ready to be at your service.

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Real Estate Key Features

At EMT International Realty, we have the best interests of the clients at the core of our business. We strive to ensure that the funds invested by our clients is in safe hands. After years of accumulated experience, we have made it our aim to enhance the value of the assets procured. Other features include

  • Excellence as deal makers
  • Focused analysis and identification of risks
  • Ensuring returns with higher proportions of income.

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Our Services

We have built a name that promises returning profit and capital to all our clients’ throughout the market cycles. Our core values define the services provided. Our name is our guarantee and we are accountable for our reputation. Excellence in service is what we aim for.

These Are The Services That Are Being Provided By Us:

  • Investment guidance and Management
  • Portfolio & Asset Management
  • Research & Strategy Development
  • Operations
  • Client Relations & Marketing
  • Senior Advisors to manage property deals
  • Analysts for property analysis

Our services ensure a peace of mind for our numerous clients.


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