Planning a new town from scratch is an overwhelming process if you do not have any guidelines set down. One of the first things to consider while planning a new town is the location. While deciding the location, you will need to keep an eye on few factors like proximity to the nearest major cities, water sources, etc.

  • Ensure Reliable Water Source Is Available
    With water scarcity becoming a common problem in different corners of the world, it is essential that you check the planned location for the new town has a reliable water source. As time goes on, the number of people in the town will increase, thereby placing more demands on the water source. It should be able to handle the growing demands in order to sustain the town. If water scarcity becomes an issue, in time people will start moving to different parts of the country, turning your magnificent town into a ghost town.
  • Ensure Financial Liquidity
    Planning and building a new town from scratch requires a lot of resources. It is going to be a huge financial burden unless you have the organization or committee you represent has the means to pay it. It has been observed time and again, how different countries plan out new cities by attracting interest from private investors. This assures liquidity for the construction of the city to be seen through till the very end.
  • Create Jobs
    People are willing to move to new locations on the assurance of finding good paying jobs. So make sure that the town you are building will have well planned areas from industries, business, and firms and so on. The city can be sustainable on its own only if it provides jobs to its working force. With the growing number of employment opportunities, the number of people immigrating to the city will also increase.
  • Play Nice With The Locals
    Nobody likes it when outsiders come to claim a stake in their land. Similarly, if the location you have chosen to build your fabulous new town is already occupied by locals, keep them in the loop about the proceedings. You can make them your allies by involving them in the construction of the new city. However, there may be cases where the locals are not very welcoming of the new changes you are bringing forth. In such cases, you need to consider different negotiation tactics to encourage them to accept the inevitable.
  • Create A Master Blueprint
    You can create your masterplan for the new city from the comfort of your office using specific software. This helps you to lay out plans for the city including the basics like electricity lines, sewer pipelines, public transportation, and water systems and so on. Recently masterplans for cities also include Wifi sensors, sensors, and fiber optic grids to increase the connectivity. Once the masterplan has been created, it makes it easier to plan out the actual process. It also helps visualize the city before it is actually completed.
  • Create A Transport System That Links Different Transportation Modes
    If your masterplan for the city includes a manmade canal, you can consider having a water transportation system as well. The other usual transportation modes include a metro system, tram system, public bus transportation, taxis, etc. Modern cities today are interlinking all the transportation systems together and bringing them under one umbrella. This makes it easier for the people using them and the people running them. Once all the systems run in a coordinated manner, the number of cars on the road will go down thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your city.
  • Mark Areas For Specific Type of Businesses
    It has become common to see at least a coffee shop along every street.Businesses like laundry shops, coffee shops, fast food shops, newspaper shops, spas, salons, etc. are all used by people regularly. The same way there are some shops that need to be placed around the city in different places to ensure that the public has easy access to them. For example people will have access to spa therapies from best spas like Riverday Spa, various kinds of foods , different shops and services which are nowadays basic needs. This makes it easier to go for Ayurvedic body massage from Riverday Spa. Planning a city well includes being aware of the small details like this one. You can use refer to the master plans of other successful cities to get a better idea on how to place the different businesses within the city.
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